Virtual Bet letsgopats: Clubs - Hi Will, New to the site. Can you add fantasy...
Edward: saints vs rams- 10/30/11 - the news finaly came out that the rams QB wont...
Ricky: Kentucky Derby - Dont forget the Melborne Cup for us Aussies
Virtual Bet
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Tutorial / FAQ

Odds & Betting
Odds displayed are for $1 bet. Minimum bet is $1, and all bets must be made in full dollar (no cents). However, returns may be in units of cents.

All returns are inclusive of the original bets. E.g. McLaren @ $1 for $6.50 will give you a net profit of $5.50.

Maximum Bets
There is a betting cap of $100 per selection.

Only official results as declared at the close of an event will be recognized here. Results may take up to three days to be updated.

Payments will be credited into your account immediately after results have been updated.

General "No Show"
No refund will be given if a player/team pulled out of an event due to injury, or an event was cancelled.

Betting Events
Only a selection of events are offered here. Suggestions can be made in the discussion forums.

Out of Credits
No bets will be accepted if you have run out of credits.

You may reset your account at any time. Your credits will be adjusted back to $200 and you will receive one "KAPUT" Kaput mark on your account. Each KAPUT costs $500 to repeal.