Virtual Bet letsgopats: Clubs - Hi Will, New to the site. Can you add fantasy...
Edward: saints vs rams- 10/30/11 - the news finaly came out that the rams QB wont...
Ricky: Kentucky Derby - Dont forget the Melborne Cup for us Aussies
Virtual Bet
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Welcome to Virtual Bet

Virtual Bet is an online fantasy betting game. Bets include Formula 1, IndyCar Series, NASCAR Series, tennis, soccer, cycling, rugby union, rugby league, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NFL American Football, NHL Ice Hockey and PGA golf.

All odds are generated based on real world betting environment.

Registration is free of charge. Players will be given X$200 credits to start.

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Latest Results

Event NamesWinnersResult Date
Edmonton vs Chicago Edmonton Oilers06-Jan-12
Colorado vs Los Angeles Colorado Avalanche06-Jan-12
New Jersey vs Ottawa Ottawa Senators06-Jan-12
NY Rangers vs Philadelphia New York Rangers06-Jan-12
San Jose vs Vancouver San Jose Sharks06-Jan-12
Washington vs Boston Boston Celtics06-Jan-12
Oklahoma City vs Dallas Dallas Mavericks06-Jan-12
Milwaukee vs Denver Denver Nuggets06-Jan-12
Orlando vs Detroit Detroit Pistons06-Jan-12
Atlanta vs Miami Atlanta Hawks06-Jan-12